The science of strategic branding

Strategic branding involves the characterization and differentiation of an organization from others in the minds of its target audiences. Strategic branding enhances the recognition of an organization, and its products and services, for itself, rather than in relation to its competitors.

Strategic branding is a complex sophisticated process by which real and perceived attributes of an organization’s product or service are positioned and projected for long-term competitive advantage.

A strategic brand is a covenant with your customer. A covenant is an agreement, usually formal, between two or more persons to do or not do something specified. As long as you deliver your product or service as promised and as your customer expects it, you are living up to your covenant.

Marketing your product or service to consumers or business-to-business requires agility, flexibility, and creativity. Even the most successful brands must constantly adapt to keep pace with cultural changes and shifting target market preferences.

Owning a powerful strategic brand enables you to capture and retain customer loyalty, and provides the leverage and credibility to expand your brand into new markets and categories, and to introduce new products or services.

The whole enchilada of strategic branding

There once was a computer company named Macintosh, and then they discovered the true power of strategic branding. Why brand your product after one kind of apple, when you can own the whole category of apples? Today, when we think ‘apple’, it is no longer a fruit but a computer.

Great strategic branding always seeks to break new ground by placing images in the brain memory bank of target customers. The mission, however, is not merely to be innovative or different just to be different. The goal is also to conceive a big idea and communicate it memorably, in a way that is consistent with a company’s strategies and objectives.

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