Website Creation

We develop websites that are engaging and responsive, visually appealing, easy to navigate, containing credible valuable and original content, and connect seamlessly to mobile devices – all of which contributes to measurable Rezults.
Rezults: Within its first year, the online directory became the leading source of new sales and advertising for their print directory.
Vertex Logical Solutions Inc.
Rezults: The new website showcased the company’s strategic alliances and wide scope of services, which made them more competitive in national and international markets and Rezulted in many new clients.
Urban Film Alliance
Rezults: Urban Film Alliance is a full-service video production company that delivers creative and relevant content. They stay on top of the latest in technology, current trends and styles, and take a hands-on approach to ensure they create spectacular video solutions that meet the needs and objectives of their clients. Given the company was in its start-up phase, we created a website that clearly featured their team and expertise to enhance both credibility and positioning. Within a few months, they acquired many new clients, proving our strategy to be very effective.
Link2 Manufacturing Inc.
Rezults: Link2’s management team has more than 150 years of combined electronics manufacturing experience. The website we created showcased this expertise, as well as their stringent testing process and fast turnaround, and generated a marked increase in inquiries.
Spandrel Construction Corporation
Rezults: The website we developed utilized photo galleries under each service sector to showcase their impressive work. Response has been very positive since the launch and continues to generate new inquiries.
Pacific Flying Club
Rezults: The Pacific Flying Club is recognized as an industry leader in British Columbia flight training. The Club has a fleet of 27 aircraft and 3 simulators. We used the line Some people were born to fly to attract people of all ages who aspired to “try out their wings”. We presented the client with a conservative social media and referral program, which generated an increase in membership during the first 6 months of the new website going live.
The Rediscovered Wood Floor Company
Rezults: To best showcase the more than 100 styles of unique and exotic reclaimed wood floors, we used in-home video testimonials showing the finished product as well as a photo gallery. British Columbia's Nicola Valley entrepreneur Kerry Bloom is now gaining requests from around the world.
Organic Soil Solutions
Rezults: The soil-food chain reaction is complex; it is fed by organic matter such as decaying plants, animals and microbes as well as nutrients released by living plant roots. The organic material is digested by bacteria, fungi and other life forms, which are in turn eaten by worms, insects and spiders. These bugs are then eaten by larger animals such as mice and moles that live in the soil. The new website effectively launched the company by educating the public on the ecological benefits of organic soil solutions for lawn care. The rezults went far beyond our expectations: 150 new clients were acquired in the first month alone.
Waka Group Inc.
Rezults: Waka Group is an experienced engineering and construction company. Their services include excavation work and digging foundations. Most of their clients are government related. The goal of the website was to show that the Waka Group had the resources to complete any job regardless of size or equipment required. With online proof of their equipment and scope of expertise, the company received many new government contracts within months.
Westmont Hospitality Group
Rezults: Westmont Hospitality Group has the ownership interest in over 1,100 hotels on three continents. They have formed strategic alliances with many of the world's largest hotel brands. In creating their new website, we strategically positioned Westmont as being committed to enhanced VIP customer service that begins before you check-in. The positive effects of this new positioning were felt almost immediately with a marked increase of online bookings across the entire network.