Package Design

We approach package design from the inside out: we eat, drink, and use the product before we create a package for it. This ensures our design accurately reflects the positive attributes of the product and generates the desired Rezults.
Inter-Provincial Cooperative
Rezults: Our new, more sophisticated package design and strategic positioning for "CO-OP GOLD" created a higher perceived value, which in turn justified a higher price point. High quality photography and clean design marked this campaign, which was executed through the entire line. Food Product Manager Don O’Neil believes the new CO-OP GOLD packaging stood out on the shelf to such a degree, sales increased in many locations within months.
Florentina Pasta Ltd.
Rezults: We created a line of pasta packages using high-quality photography with each of the eight product varieties distinguished by colour. Dave Shram, President, credits the new packaging with increased product visibility and brand identification. It was well received by retailers and consumers alike.
Nu-Tea International
Rezults: Our team expanded the new tea line from one variety to six. Because of the product’s unique African origin, we used African graphic images and animals to distinguish the different varieties. We further branded the line by naming it “Our Premium Rooibos”. Liz Bandelin, President and Founder, believes Rooibos tea has become one of Canada's best selling teas as a direct result of the new strategic branding and packaging.
Royal Cascadia Inc.
Rezults: To package this line of party mix snacks, we chose to capitalize on the widespread popularity of the Cheers sitcom and iconic phrase “where everyone knows your name”. We featured a different character on each of the packages - Sam, Carla, Norm, Cliff, and Frasier - using phrases that were key to their personae. We also used the Cheers logo to give the packaging instant recognition and brand appeal. Marketing Director Sam McDonald believes the unique packaging played a key role in the product’s popularity.
Lanzarotta Wholesale Grocers

Rezults: To remain competitive against such giants as Loblaws, President's Choice and A&P, Lanzarotta needed to offer their independent grocers a private label that would stand out as “belonging” to each individual retailer.

Our strategic branding and positioning featured “Our Very Own” encouraging all grocers to feature this label on their shelves. The entire marketing campaign included a new corporate trademark, 15 package designs, trade and consumer ads, plus various in-store promotional materials. Not only did Lanzarotta increase its distribution network of independent grocers, all retailers saw a marked increase in sales.

Old Walker Town Beverage Company
Rezults: When Raymond Robinson launched his spirit company, we capitalized on his great grandfather’s legacy as a self-made businessman with rumoured speakeasy connections to successfully brand the new line of JC Legrand spirits in a very competitive industry.