Our powerful images and targeted messages, combined with an intriguing proposition and compelling call to action, deliver measurable Rezults… time and time again.
Andre's Baby Duck

Rezults: This vintner was challenged by the public perception that their Baby Duck product was a “soda pop wine” best suited for new/young drinkers. Our challenge was to expand the Baby Duck wine market beyond young adults, increasing consumption among all adults.

We developed three full-page ads that were prominently featured in consumer magazines targeting adults aged 25 to 50 years. The ads featured a cheeky play on words and images, incorporating live baby ducks. As a direct result of our marketing, sales increased to the point that Baby Duck was named the number one selling wine in Canada, and one of the ads was selected from 12,000 entries to receive a prestigious CLIO award.

Bank of Montreal

Rezults: Our challenge was to generate 5,000 new commercial accounts for the Bank of Montreal within three months. The focus group research we conducted showed that most banks lacked credibility with entrepreneurs. This inspired us to position Bank of Montreal as sensitive and responsive to the needs of growing business. Central to the campaign was the tagline: “A fresh approach for business”.

As a direct result of our program the Bank of Montreal gained over 10,000 new commercial clients in just three months, more than doubling their objective. Vice-President & Product Manager David Schmalz described our work as “the most outstanding, innovative and market-driven I’ve seen in my many years in banking”.

Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Rezults: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is Israel's premier university. Ongoing conflict in the country had eroded government funding to the educational institution. We were commissioned to increase funding support throughout the Jewish community in Canada.

Focus groups with alumni, parents and staff in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal were conducted annually over a period of five years. Each year we developed a series of newspaper ads, direct mail brochures, and donor letters. All communications focused on how the University faced increased demands. According to Charles Diamond, National Director of Funding, in each of the five-year campaigns there was an immediate and strong positive donor response.

Ports International

Rezults: One of the Ports International brands - Tabi - reflects timeless fashion and classic wardrobe solutions rather than fleeting trends. We created a high-quality fashion campaign that included outdoor transit shelters and billboards. The tagline “Is that a Tabi?” followed a lifestyle theme.

Marketing Director Richard Hughes was pleased how the campaign created top-of-mind-awareness for the company’s new styling, selection and value. It successfully broadened consumer awareness and increased sales.

Acro Aerospace Ltd.

Rezults: Acro offers a full range of helicopter inspection, repair and overhaul services, with guaranteed turnaround times and cost efficiencies. To showcase their expertise we developed a series of ads using high-quality photography of athletes in action with a white line overlay illustrating the mechanics of a helicopter.

Marketing Manager John Taylor reported the advertising campaign was very effective, with Acro gaining top-of-mind awareness within their highly competitive industry along with increased sales.

Penta Aviation Services

Rezults: The law requires that a corporate jet be stripped down and inspected every three years. Focus groups we conducted showed that pilots have a strong say as to where this happens because it can take weeks and they usually stay for the duration.

We strategically positioned British Columbia as the preferred choice due to the abundance of recreational opportunities that you could experience in one day: sailing, golfing, fishing, whale watching, skiing, swimming, hiking, and so on.

Our advertising campaign targeted corporate pilots, creatively pairing things that keep “coming back”. Penta’s owner, Robert Jens, believes the strong advertising campaign was key to successfully launching the company into an extremely competitive market.

City of Miami

Rezults: To generate awareness and appreciation for the legacy of Virginia Key Beach Park, established as the premier beach for African Americans during the Civil Rights era and now listed as a National Historic site, newsletters and advertorial-style newspaper ads were used to educate and engage the public in the history of the beach and its eco-system.

Marketing & Media Director of the Virginia Key Beach Park Trust, Judi Hamilton, confirmed that response was widespread and overwhelmingly positive.

Golder Associates

Rezults: Golder Associates is a global organization that takes a team approach to solving some of the world's biggest challenges in the areas of earth, environment and energy. While they offered a myriad of independent consulting, design and construction services, many of their clients were just using one or two of these services.

KEA was commissioned to develop an advertising campaign that would enhance awareness of Golder’s expansive and diverse service offering. The ad campaign we developed listed the many services in the border of the ads; sports team images were utilized to play on Golder management’s team approach. As a direct result of this campaign, many of Golder’s existing clients began to use more their services.