Would a great tagline help increase your company’s awareness?

The answer is YES, it can. A tagline can provide context, communicate uniqueness, and elevate the brand to a new level of recognition.

“Just do it” and “I'm lovin’ it” are classic examples. These taglines are instantly recognizable. So familiar that most people are able to name the brand, what they offer and what they stand for without seeing any other brand elements.

A compelling tagline also gives your customers the language to use, allowing you to control how they introduce new folks to your company.

Keep in mind a tagline should be short, memorable and relevant. It’s incredibly difficult to be succinct, and it’s especially difficult to express a complex emotional concept in just a couple of words -- which is exactly what a great tagline does.

Over the years, we’ve come up with many taglines that have helped a wide variety of organizations better position themselves in the marketplace. Here are a few examples:

City of Miami
The City of Miami hired us to develop a strategic branding and marketing campaign for the Virginia Key Beach Park, which had been the premier beach for African Americans during the Civil Rights era. After conducting focus groups with city officials, the general public, seniors, school children of all ages, parents, business leaders, as well as past, present and future visitors to the Beach, we were able to develop a very effective tagline ‘Paradise Renewed’ that was the strategic driving force behind the marketing campaign.

Tourism Richmond
We were commissioned to strategically brand Tourism Richmond, a non-profit membership-driven destination marketing organization that promotes Richmond, British Columbia. To do this, we conducted focus groups with many of the stakeholders as well as travelers at the airport.

This resulted in the iconic brand tagline ‘Gateway to British Columbia’. We were also able to receive a Canadian Government stipulation that this positioning for Tourism Richmond could never be used by anyone else.

Bank of Montreal
Our challenge was to generate 5,000 new commercial accounts for the Bank of Montreal within three months. National focus group research showed that most banks lacked credibility with entrepreneurs. This inspired us to position the Bank of Montreal as sensitive and responsive to the needs of small business. Central to the campaign was the tagline ‘A fresh approach for business’. As a direct result of our program, the Bank of Montreal gained over 10,000 new commercial clients in just three months, more than doubling their objective.

Nutri-Lawn International Inc.
Nutri-Lawn designs eco-friendly lawn care programs. At the time we were asked to help with their marketing efforts, they were the first and only company to do so. After conducting focus groups and reviewing their program, we created the very simple tagline ‘Ecology friendly lawn care’ that effectively positioned the brand light years ahead of the competition. As a result of our strategic positioning Nutri-Lawn has grown from 13 franchises to over 200 with the customer base to match.

Pacific Flying Club
The Pacific Flying Club wanted to maintain its status as the premier flight training and aviation centre in Western Canada. Their instructors, engineers and administrative staff are committed to ensuring that members and students receive the highest level of customer service, safe training and quality instruction. We conducted focus groups with senior management, staff and members and created the tagline ‘Some of us were born to fly’.