Website Creation

We develop websites that are engaging and responsive, visually appealing, easy to navigate, containing credible valuable and original content, and connect seamlessly to mobile devices – all of which contributes to measurable Rezults.
Rezults: Within its first year, the online directory became the leading source of new sales and advertising for their print directory.
Vertex Logical Solutions Inc.
Rezults: The new website showcased the company’s strategic alliances and wide scope of services, which made them more competitive in national and international markets and Rezulted in many new clients.
Dalar Creek
Rezults: A high quality, mobile-friendly website to showcase the best of their work.
Link2 Manufacturing Inc.
Rezults: Link2’s management team has more than 150 years of combined electronics manufacturing experience. The website we created showcased this expertise, as well as their stringent testing process and fast turnaround, and generated a marked increase in inquiries.
Deluxe Designs
Rezults: By using multiple navigation methods and menus, whether the visitor is a sales person or retail store purchaser, the items they are looking for, or might be interested in, are always quick and easy to find.
Spandrel Construction Corporation
Rezults: The website we developed utilized photo galleries under each service sector to showcase their impressive work. Response has been very positive since the launch and continues to generate new inquiries.
Captain Recycling
Rezults: Their website has now become an essential tool in converting new clients and communicating with existing ones.
The Rediscovered Wood Floor Company
Rezults: To best showcase the more than 100 styles of unique and exotic reclaimed wood floors, we used in-home video testimonials showing the finished product as well as a photo gallery. British Columbia's Nicola Valley entrepreneur Kerry Bloom is now gaining requests from around the world.
DeLorme Food Services
Rezults: We provided a targeted, responsive website that showcases their food services and supports their mission to improve the quality of living for the elderly.