Strategic Branding

Our strategic branding solutions enhance the recognition of an organization for itself, rather than in relation to its competitors, ensuring powerful Rezults every time.
Penta Aviation Services

Rezults: When a Vancouver-based executive airline decided to expand and offer five distinct corporate jet services; they needed a new name, visual identity, marketing, trade show booth and advertising materials. We chose the name "Penta" (meaning five) and created an iconic aviation-shaped symbol that comprises the five distinct services, each branded by a different color.

This strategic branding by color and symbol extended throughout all marketing materials, including magazine ads, stationery, brochures, website, trade show booth, uniforms, vehicles, and signage. Penta’s owner, Robert Jens, firmly believes the new identity and advertising were key to successfully launching the company into an extremely competitive market.

Total Health Clinic Ltd.

Rezults: Total Health Clinic provides full hormonal evaluation for women and men, and customizes individualized programs using the latest in age-management medical treatments.

The identity our team created depicts both a male and female in a dynamic contemporary graphic, which includes a swirling element representing the core and flow of human energy. Our strategic branding and marketing helped establish the company as a leader in age-management medical treatments.

InsideArt Cooperative

Rezults: The InsideArt Cooperative is owned by current and former inmates at federal prisons in Canada. It is a groundbreaking organization that brings hope, skills, and opportunities to individuals who are making a concerted effort to change their path in life.

Marketing Director Stacey Corriveau calls the new identity a positive success. “It generated a great deal of awareness for the organization and brought pride, hope and confidence to people hoping to create and sell art, and avoid a life of crime.”

North Star Learning Center
Rezults: North Star Learning Center is an after-school academic program that provides skill-building, enrichment classes, and individual tutoring for pre-kindergarten children to 12th-grade students. Owner Tom Lewis believes the new strategic positioning gave the academic enrichment program greater prominence within the community, attracting both new students and teachers.
Custom Plastics Ltd.

Rezults: Custom Plastics produces a wide range of custom-designed products - from computer housings to high-stress aircraft components - all too exacting specifications.

We took a unique approach and designed a logo that not only reflects the company's depth of expertise and customization but one that actually looks like plastic. Technical Representative Peter Brear confirmed the new strategic branding was key to the company's successful expansion into the lucrative U.S. market.

Layfield Plastics Group

Rezults: Layfield Plastics takes pride in using low-impact manufacturing processes to create plastic products that safeguard our food, water and enhance green initiatives. We turned their one-dimensional brand into a three-dimensional image, incorporating colours that strike positive chords of emotion: green for ecology, yellow for sun, and blue for water.

The new strategic branding was very well received by all company divisions, clients and the trade. President Tom Rose said he could not be happier with the solution we delivered: “It embodies the spirit of the company’s position in the marketplace”.

Body By Yessenia
Rezults: The team of certified personal trainers at Body By Yessenia design online training programs specifically for each client based on their individual needs and profile. We developed an iconic strategic brand using action figures and colour to capture attention, create excitement, and maintain top-of-mind-awareness. Owner Yessenia Moreno and her staff agree the new strategic branding exceeded company goals, delivering an increase in new members within 2 months.
MPM Engineering Ltd.
Rezults: MPM Engineering is a leader within the lumber industry recognized for their log optimization and control of logging machinery. To reflect this expertise we developed a corporate trademark that featured the initials of the company carved from a single piece of wood. When the new strategic branding was introduced to senior stakeholders, media and employees, the impressed crowd gave a standing ovation.
Trans-Pacific Trading Inc.
Rezults: When Trans-Pacific Trading decided to narrow their focus to a single product – Canadian lumber – initially to supply Japan and ultimately the world, they needed a new identity.

Our creative team designed a logo to strategically brand the company: the yellow sun reflects the company owner’s Japanese heritage, the green tree represents the product and ecological sustainability, and the red “global” swoosh accented with a Canadian maple leaf speaks to how the company sells lumber around the world.

According to Jim Tyrer, President and fourth generation leader of the company, the response to the new strategic branding has been excellent nationally and internationally, with both customers and employees.

LMI Technologies Inc.

Rezults: Industry leader LMI technologies designs 3D sensors and scanners that improve the quality and efficiency of factory production. Our design team used visual elements from LMI’s unique 3D scanning technology to create graphic branding icons that were integrated into all promotional material.

Marketing Manager Tracey Loslo reported that the new strategic branding and marketing materials received rave reviews, not only from LMI's international offices, but from their clients and prospective clients as well.

City of Miami

Rezults: Virginia Key Beach Park was established as the premier beach in Miami, Florida for African Americans during the Civil Rights era. A group of concerned citizens formed the Virginia Key Beach Park Trust to recognize the history and legacy of the site.

Through videotaped focus groups with respondents representing past, present and future visitors to Virginia Key Beach Park, we developed the strategic branding and tagline “Paradise Renewed”.

Marketing & Media Director of the Virginia Key Beach Park Trust, Judi Hamilton, confirmed the new strategic branding was received by all stakeholders with overwhelmingly positive delight. Virginia Key Beach Park is now listed as a National Historic site.