A strong nonprofit sector is essential for weaving the social, cultural, environmental, and economic fabric of our society.

The following case studies show typical Rezults we have attained through the use of focus groups that form the foundation of our marketing activities.
Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is Israel’s premier university. The ongoing conflict in the country had eroded government funding to the educational institution. We were commissioned to increase funding support throughout the Jewish community in Canada.

KEA conducted focus groups with alumni, parents, and staff in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal annually over a period of five years. Each year we developed a series of newspaper ads, direct mail brochures, and donor letters. All communications focused on how the University faced increased financial demands.

Rezults: According to Charles Diamond, National Director of Funding, in each of the five-year campaigns there was an immediate and strong positive donor response.

Landscape Ontario Association

Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trades Association is a vibrant association representing over 2,000 horticultural professionals. Their members include landscape, maintenance and snow management contractors, landscape designers, lawn care operators, garden centre owners, arborists, nursery growers, interior landscape's, and irrigation and landscape lighting contractors.

They had developed several new programs and commissioned KEA to conduct focus groups within each division to gain an understanding of each division’s buy-in to the new programs and what measures need to be included to gain a 100% buy-in from all the stakeholders.

Rezults: KEA was able to get conscious from all the stakeholders and was able to present the client with recommendations as to how they could achieve their objectives.

Burnaby Hospital Foundation

Burnaby Hospital Foundation is the fundraising arm of Burnaby Hospital. It is dedicated to creating community partnerships to purchase vital medical equipment and technology, improve patient care, and support innovative and educational community programs. With a goal to decrease patient waiting times for critical diagnoses, they set a lofty target of $4,850,000 for a new MRI machine.

KEA was contracted to develop a strategic position and marketing materials with a compelling call to action to ensure they reached their stated goal. We produced a series of campaign materials including a brochure, pledge cards, and stationery with a distinctive visual persona and compelling story.

Rezults: Diane O'Connor, Registrar & Executive Director informed us the goal was achieved well ahead of time and patient waiting times were greatly improved as a result.

Tourism Richmond

Tourism Richmond is a non-profit membership-driven destination marketing organization which promotes Richmond, British Columbia, Canada as a destination for leisure travelers, meeting planners, the media, and organizations that influence travel worldwide. The primary mandate of Tourism Richmond is to enhance awareness about Richmond as a destination through sales and marketing initiatives and by providing excellent visitor and member services.

KEA was commissioned by the Richmond Tourist Bureau to strategically brand and position Richmond. KEA conducted focus groups with many of the stakeholders. We then developed an iconic brand for Tourism Richmond.

Rezults: The new branding and positioning were well received by all stakeholders. In fact, we were able to receive a Canadian Government stipulation that the positioning Richmond “Gateway to British Columbia” could not be used by anyone else.

Central Area Senior Center

Central Area Senior Center of Seattle is a program of Senior Services of WA. Their mission and vision are to promote the emotional, social, and physical well-being of older adults through a network of community connections and services. Their aim is to help create a just society where aging adults can live their lives to the fullest. Activities include exercise programs, computer classes, card clubs, dance classes, recreational trips, food, fun, laughter and much more.

Ken Etheridge was a member of the Board of Directors and offered the services of KEA pro bono to the Center. KEA conducted focus groups prior to creating a new graphic identity to revitalize the image of the Center to its current members and to assist in attracting new members. KEA developed the strategic branding, positioning and a business plan which gave the Center a professional platform on which to move forward. The plan helped increase funding as well as engaged new members to join the Center.

Rezults: Cynthia Andrews, CEO wrote “Ken, and his team designed an excellent new logo for the Central Area Senior Center. They captured the essence of our culture and forward vision”.


TransCendingMinds focuses on teaching their clients how to cope with their developmental challenges, and mental illness through behavior modification while preserving their dignity.

KEA’s creative team was asked to design a new strategic branding that reflects the organization's vision. The branding needed to also be successful with all of their stakeholders, their clients, employees, the media, government officials and the community at large.

KEA used black for the typeface accented by the vibrant primary colors used in the ‘star-burst’ reflecting a celebration of life. For the creation of brochures, website, newsletters and other communication publications, KEA used soft warm colors in pastel hues in the photography.

Rezults: The new strategic branding was well received by all stakeholders.

InsideArt Cooperative

InsideArt Cooperative is owned by current and former inmates at federal prisons in Canada. It is a groundbreaking organization that brings hope, skills, and opportunities to individuals who are making a concerted effort to change their path in life.

KEA was commissioned to create a strategic brand that would give the Cooperative instant awareness and a sense of pride.

Rezults: Marketing Director Stacey Corriveau calls the new identity a positive step that brought pride, hope, and confidence to people hoping to create and sell art, and avoid a life of crime.

The Neil Squire Foundation

The Neil Squire Foundation uses technology, knowledge, and passion to empower its members. They are committed to inclusion, economic equity, and a productive society that includes people with disabilities and gives them equal opportunity to contribute and participate in the economy. Their vision is to help clients obtain employment in the business sector while also assisting business owners in the community with engaging suitable and committed employees. Many of their clients are paraplegics.

KEA was commissioned to further engage the public with Neil Squire’s vision to help its clients obtain employment in the business sector.

KEA created a Public Service television commercial showing a Monarch Butterfly emerging from a cocoon, transforming into a visual of a Neil Squire client at a switchboard working and who is providing the voice-over for the commercial. The visual of this young lady performing at an extremely professional level helped enhance the impact and engagement level of this message. We also developed a Direct Mail campaign that included an introductory cover letter and brochure.

Rezults: This program was extremely successful, resulting in employment for many clients in a broad spectrum of businesses as well as supporting small businesses with skilled, committed employees.

Boys and Girls Club of Vancouver

As a non-profit charity, this agency provides a variety of services for youth, serving approximately 7,000 young people annually. Programs range from summer camps to low-cost recreational activities and drug and alcohol-abuse counseling.

KEA was commissioned to create an event that would raise funds. We created a Black Tie Reverse Draw Dinner and fundraising event. We offered the services of our advertising agency pro bono and decided on a Tiki Luau theme. The guests were met by greeters in traditional grass skirts, bearing flower lais and Hawaiian cocktails. The ballroom was staged with grass huts and palm trees, the waiters wore Hawaiian shirts and the main course was the roast pig. The hula dancers were on display. We were able to acquire trips-for-two to resorts.

The focus of the evening was the Reverse Draw Lottery, where the last name Drawn was the grand prize winner of $20,000, donated by the major sponsor, HSB.

Rezults: The event was a resounding success, raising $72,000.

Target Excellence

Target Excellence is a dynamic, research-based educational service, a nonprofit organization headquartered in Sacramento, California with a distinguished history of operating exemplary after-school tutoring programs in California, Ohio, Tennessee, and Texas. They work with 1,000 children daily, providing after-school programs that focus on academic achievement, character building, health and wellness, and employable life skills.

We developed a new graphic identity, website, and marketing materials to generate awareness with students, parents, teachers and schools. Target Excellence has an internet-based system that provides teacher training and career counseling, enhances teacher accountability, and facilitates ‘just in time’ communication between parents, teachers, school personnel, and districts. The system can track student progress and offer "just in time" information.

Rezults: KEA created an image of two students studying which all stakeholders instantly identify with as well as the creation of a tagline ‘Positive and Proactive’ relating to their vision of a society that embraces the power of positive and innovative approaches to learning.

City of Miami

Virginia Key Beach Park was established as the premier beach in Miami, Florida for African Americans during the Civil Rights era. A group of concerned citizens formed the Virginia Key Beach Park Trust to recognize the history and legacy of the site. The Beach is a City Trust, which requires the mayor to go on television to report what is happening regarding the Beach. He would also present his report on the City's website and in the three newspapers.

KEA was commissioned to create a new strategy brand and marketing materials. The marketing materials included a grand opening program, brochures, newspaper ad, outdoor posters stationary and newsletters. We videotaped focus groups with respondents representing past, present and future visitors to Virginia Key Beach Park, we developed the strategic branding and tagline ‘Paradise Renewed’. We also created a video power point for the Mayor to present our process and solution to the public.

Rezults: Marketing & Media Director of the Virginia Key Beach Park Trust, Judi Hamilton, confirmed the new strategic branding was received by all stakeholders with overwhelmingly positive delight. Virginia Key Beach Park is now listed as a National Historic site.

North Star Learning Center

North Star Learning Center is an after-school academic enrichment program. They provide skill building and enrichment classes for pre Kindergarten-to-12th grade students as well as individual tutoring. They also offer College Level instruction for University students.

KEA was commissioned to develop a new strategic branding for the Center.

Rezults: We created a strategic brand that gained North Star Learning instant top-of-mindawareness, which attracted new students and teachers, positioning them in a prominent light within their community.

British Columbia Teachers' Federation

The British Columbia Teachers’ Federation is the union of professionals representing 41,000 public school teachers in the province of British Columbia, Canada. All public school teachers belong to the union and their local teachers’ association. They wanted to get input from their members on some of the new programs and procedures, so they could create a solid platform to move forward.

KEA was commissioned to gain an understanding of what concerns, input and recommendations the membership might have.

Rezults: We conducted focus groups and presented our findings and recommendations to management. With this information management was able to gain a huge buy-in of the membership.

The United Negro College Fund

The United Negro College Fund is a philanthropic organization that funds scholarships for black students and general scholarship funds for 39 private historically black colleges and universities.

We were asked to create a fundraising TV commercial. We created a 30 second TV commercial with the image of a chain being stretched to the point of breaking and a voiceover with text as follows: A society is only as strong as its weakest member; and when disease, poverty, pollution and natural disaster threatens to pull us apart we had better educate everyone that has the potential to solve these problems. Give to the United Negro College Fund... a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

With a small budget, we could not use actors or elaborate production, which is what lead us to the use of a chain filmed in slow motion showing the chain stretching to the point of breaking. Many individuals and organizations donated their time and talent: the voice-over by Actress Ruby Dee, music by Musician Antonio Deodato, and airfare by Eastern Airlines.

Rezults: The thirty-second TV spot gained over $10,000,000 in donations.